Midal Cables believes that environmental awareness means assuming responsibility today for tomorrow's future of our fellow humans and nature. Producing high quality products should never be at the cost of damaging the environment has been one of the organization's policies. Thus, Midal has been integrated successfully the quality, safety, health and environmental concerns of the organization leading to development and improved quality of life without compromising the future generations.

Midal in its Environmental Policy declares its technical and ethical responsibility towards the environment where it commits itself to conduct all its operations, both present and future, in accordance with the applicable local and international legislation pertaining to the environment.

Midal aims to continually improve its environmental performance through the upgrade of its manufacturing processes, proper eradication of harmful gases, vapors, fugitive emissions, re-circulation or neutralization of contaminated waste and eradication of other potentially harmful elements to the environment.

Conclusively, Midal's Top Management aims that all its employees return home safely to their families everyday, after producing quality products and services while at the same time preserving the earth's pristine beauty.


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