Metal Form Co. W.L.L.


In 1992, Midal ventured into a new phase of manufacturing Aluminium "Conform" products (Conform Technology). This new and innovative method of "Conform" extrusion technology is to manufacture both simple and complex shapes in solid, hollow and sheet forms of Aluminium and Aluminium alloy.It has the advantage of making the product seamless, in continuous length, with annealed or fabricated temper. Naturally specific customer requirements and Midal's international standards are maintained throughout this process.

Suitably packed for immediate export various end products can be achieved, solid sector for Power Cables, strips for transformer winding, tubing for car radiators, heat exchangers and evaporators, multi­void sections for mobile air conditioning condensers and evaporators. These are to name only a few from the wide range of over 80 different products that can be manufactured.